Every night without fail My mother will ask me to do something I hate I’ll groan, throw my pen down Get up, grab the keys to go lock the gate Outside in the verandah I’ll walk upto the gate as fast as I can I’ll look around, into the deep dark night I’ll watch the […]

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My favourite quotes|Day 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the 2nd installment in the much awaited series My Favourite Quotes! I know. I know what you are going to say. I know I am 11 days late.  Although If you are still expecting punctuality out of me, I just want to say, really? Anyhoo, let’s get […]

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My Favourite Quotes |Day 1

Oh boy. Okay, that very mysterious and funny and intriguing introduction aside, (which I obviously did not spent two hours thinking about, pfft I have a life guys) I would take this opportunity to thank Paul from The Captain’s Speech for nominating inspiring me to *drumroll* Share my favourite quotes for the next three days! Yes […]

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So I was cleaning up yesterday. And rummaging through my drawer I found 2 pages, stapled and all. Then I read a line, and was hit by the tsunami of memories. It was a diary entry, and I felt like sharing with the world, something I never told anybody. I’d say enjoy, but I doubt […]

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2017, that’s a wrap.

I don’t know what to say about this year. Maybe it’s one of those years which can’t be summed up in a funny one-liner. I don’t know if 2017 was better than 2016, or we are just too numb to everything by now. I remember thinking Trump winning was the worst thing that can happen […]

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In A Bus

Here’s a lil background before you begin: I wrote this poem in winters, two years ago. I was thirteen. And I know this is not one of best poems, but for some reason, I really like this one. I hope you do too. I am sitting in a bus On my way to school There […]

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Heya Peeperenoez!

I’m still alive! (Only in the most literal meaning of the word) But I guess (at least hope so) that a few of you must must have noticed my absence. I mean, it’s been quite a few months, or as I like to call it”absolute-shit-storm-please-kill-me”. Huh, but really, I couldn’t write for sooo long. And […]

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Sometimes I cringe at my work Like Nobody gives a shit Tanu. That squirrel does not care about your homework The sun does not care how anxious are you. Maybe I think I think too much I make a mountain out of a grain But trust me When you are in that situation All you […]

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Mind Dump

“Yeh kya hai*. Didi, come join us, we are playing dumb charades. Don’t be a bore.” I am sitting inside my school bus as I’m writing this, and I’m thinking. Maybe the positioning of planets is to blame, maybe the rains are to blame, maybe the fact that I finally had 4+ hours of sleep […]

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Why I blog.

Don’t worry, I don’t normally look like a racoon. This picture is of me during an MUN (Model United Nations) in school. After an exhaustingly fun day of shouting, running errands, marking sheets, giving speeches, sHOUTING and leading a pretend committee, my feeble attempts at eyeliner remind me why I never put on make up […]

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Poetry is an excuse When you are too lazy to use punctuation Too lazy to tame your words When you really don’t care When you care too much When the heart runs quicker than the brain When you too deeply love the muse Poetry is a poetic excuse. Poetry is how my thoughts look like […]

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I know, it was very bad of me. I know I should have been regular. I know I am not a good blog-runner. Accha baba sorry na. (I don’t know if you noticed but I figured out how to put in a picture! *pats self on the back*) I was on a social media hiatus […]

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My Mother

Bonjour, fellas. Since you and I, we are friends now, it’s only fair that you know about the special people in my life. First, comes my mother.  She is a lady, whose picture would be used as an example to the word ‘elegance’. She is beautiful, unbelievably melodious, hard working and intelligent. She could be […]

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My First Post

Here, another thing off my bucket list. This is my first post, first time ever, and I want it to be special (I know I will cringe at this line years later.) As I am running short of puns and funny one-liners, I think it’s better to start with a simple introduction. Hello, any fortunate […]

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