Have You?

Have you ever Laid down in bed At 4am Earphones in your earholes No music on Just the sound of your blood pumping Lubb dubb Lubb dubb Have you stared at the clock Trying to imagine a story For the hands? Have you ever blanked at the wall Wondering Why you're alive, What's the point… Continue reading Have You?



Life never gave me lemons When I needed them I was never gently handed lemons They were hurled at my face Like life was an unruly child Bored, and I was a stray dog. I was bombarded with lemons When I asked for tangerines So I never understood what to do When life gives you… Continue reading Lemonade

Winter: A Diss Track

"Hey I'm winter I have arrived, fear me." Scared of you? Bitch please spare me. Your aesthetic's shit "let's embody depression!" And people's obsession with you? Cue my vomit emoji expression. Why have you hogged All the best holidays? I don't want to see my breath "Winter is pointless" Confucius says. You are a stone… Continue reading Winter: A Diss Track

The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)

Hey, you hear that, that distant cluck-cluck? No? Listen closely. Maybe put your ear on your phone? Better? Yeah, yeah you're getting it. Yes it's the sound of horses running. More specifically, my readers' horses, who just can't wait for another post by me. Hold your horses people! (I'm sorry I'll just let myself out.)… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)

About Evenings and Cupcakes

"Where’s the milk?” I thought aloud. It was a Monday, early evening. Parents were out, sister was quietly studying in our room, and the air was finally cool enough for me to stand in the kitchen for more than 60 seconds. It was not bright enough outside that I should switch the lights off, but… Continue reading About Evenings and Cupcakes

I Could Explain

"How can you read so much Harry Potter Doesn't that make you sick?" I looked up, wearing my hufflepuff scarf To an idiot, who disturbed me while reading fanfic. I first wanted to strangle her How dare she insult ths best thing humans could ever create But the angel on my shoulder told me to… Continue reading I Could Explain