Harmless Musings

This is so sad Alexa play Main Aisa Kyun Hun


There Is A Party In My Notebook And Everyone Is High On The New Notebook Smell.

New notebooks are terryfyingThey look at you, poker facedI flip through the blank pagesAnd suddenly my fingers forget how to spellNew notebooks are mean"What are you going to do?What will you do to change the world?Are your first words seriously going to be "new notebooks"? "New notebooks are hopefulMaybe I will complete all my notesMaybe… Continue reading There Is A Party In My Notebook And Everyone Is High On The New Notebook Smell.

My Favourite Quote- Day 3, Also the year is over.

I have no clever beginning for this summative reflection time essay (idk what i mean by that) and would like to take this opportunity to ask all my lovely readers to take all the high expectations they have of me and shove it right up their left nostrils (this is a family friendly blog.) I'm… Continue reading My Favourite Quote- Day 3, Also the year is over.

A Toast to the Future

We were sleeping stressing, singing and before we could even blow out the diyas we could hear the Christmas bells ringing. and after a scurried week or so I sat down in my chair holding a new year party flyer wondering how we got. here I am amazed at how we find magic in a… Continue reading A Toast to the Future

Winter: A Diss Track

"Hey I'm winter I have arrived, fear me." Scared of you? Bitch please spare me. Your aesthetic's shit "let's embody depression!" And people's obsession with you? Cue my vomit emoji expression. Why have you hogged All the best holidays? I don't want to see my breath "Winter is pointless" Confucius says. You are a stone… Continue reading Winter: A Diss Track

The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)

Hey, you hear that, that distant cluck-cluck? No? Listen closely. Maybe put your ear on your phone? Better? Yeah, yeah you're getting it. Yes it's the sound of horses running. More specifically, my readers' horses, who just can't wait for another post by me. Hold your horses people! (I'm sorry I'll just let myself out.)… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)