Truth Bombs

It's interesting how The universe looks from the floor Because the world is different at noon Everyone is awake yet asleep Listen to the world in the middle of the day It's trying to say something but it's faint Kinda opposite of midnight when my Evolutionary inner ear drowns in screams "Tanu why are you… Continue reading Truth Bombs


Thought Vomit

It's a beautiful morning today. The sky is blue with just a hint of sunshine. Birds are chirping and cool winds are blowing. It objectively great. Feels like something out of an R L Stevenson poem. My only wish is that my writers block would budge and let me write about it eloquently. I guess… Continue reading Thought Vomit

Winter: A Diss Track

"Hey I'm winter I have arrived, fear me." Scared of you? Bitch please spare me. Your aesthetic's shit "let's embody depression!" And people's obsession with you? Cue my vomit emoji expression. Why have you hogged All the best holidays? I don't want to see my breath "Winter is pointless" Confucius says. You are a stone… Continue reading Winter: A Diss Track

The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)

Hey, you hear that, that distant cluck-cluck? No? Listen closely. Maybe put your ear on your phone? Better? Yeah, yeah you're getting it. Yes it's the sound of horses running. More specifically, my readers' horses, who just can't wait for another post by me. Hold your horses people! (I'm sorry I'll just let myself out.)… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award (lolol)

About Evenings and Cupcakes

"Where’s the milk?” I thought aloud. It was a Monday, early evening. Parents were out, sister was quietly studying in our room, and the air was finally cool enough for me to stand in the kitchen for more than 60 seconds. It was not bright enough outside that I should switch the lights off, but… Continue reading About Evenings and Cupcakes


"Jai!" cried Tanu, as she found herself, for the fourth time this week, staring at her mirror. "Come here right now or I'll frickin' kill you." She was really angry this time. Jai aparrated into the room like a ghost, as he was one. "You can't kill me if I'm already dead." he said casually.… Continue reading Boo!

I Could Explain

"How can you read so much Harry Potter Doesn't that make you sick?" I looked up, wearing my hufflepuff scarf To an idiot, who disturbed me while reading fanfic. I first wanted to strangle her How dare she insult ths best thing humans could ever create But the angel on my shoulder told me to… Continue reading I Could Explain

My favourite quotes|Day 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the 2nd installment in the much awaited series My Favourite Quotes! I know. I know what you are going to say. I know I am 11 days late.  Although If you are still expecting punctuality out of me, I just want to say, really? Anyhoo, let's get… Continue reading My favourite quotes|Day 2

My Favourite Quotes |Day 1

Oh boy. Okay, that very mysterious and funny and intriguing introduction aside, (which I obviously did not spent two hours thinking about, pfft I have a life guys) I would take this opportunity to thank Paul from The Captain's Speech for nominating inspiring me to *drumroll* Share my favourite quotes for the next three days! Yes… Continue reading My Favourite Quotes |Day 1

2017, that’s a wrap.

I don't know what to say about this year. Maybe it's one of those years which can't be summed up in a funny one-liner. I don't know if 2017 was better than 2016, or we are just too numb to everything by now. I remember thinking Trump winning was the worst thing that can happen… Continue reading 2017, that’s a wrap.

Oh me? I don’t want much in life.

I want to write Something, something nice Something passionate About anger, fire, love and ice. And yeah I like to rhyme Call me old-fashioned; nevermind But lets get back to the fact That I want the world to grab a copy of something I signed. I dont know though If I'll ever be great Because… Continue reading Oh me? I don’t want much in life.