Day 15| Fatal Flaw

“What is your fatal flaw?” He asked in class, not knowing That the contents of the Pandora’s Box Are deadly. I thought about it for a while What does he want to hear? “The need to please others always” But what about the mother i spite day and night? I say “No, jealousy.” Stealing glances […]

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Day 14|Crimson Beast

The rash on my shoulder Weighs on my mind like a boulder It drizzled and then it poured The peculiar visitor became the landlord I saw a red spot and went back To eating all the spicy food without slack No allergies but apologies for being crass It did come to bite me in the […]

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Day 13| Quiet Odes

You, high waisted jeans Hide my insecurities So comfortably I’m sorry papa For every time i stood on Your knee mid massage (And all the other ways i hurt you daily.) Jiya you asked me To write a poem on you Go do your homework. Language thanks for how You’re the essence of the human […]

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Day 11| Sweet Music

Don’t look at me funny Don’t scoff at me, I’m serious. Boy, I know you are looking for inspiration I am sitting right here, what’s the fuss?! Write about me God damnit! Let me add “muse” in my bio for a week Paint me like one of your french girls Never, i repeat never, make […]

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Day 9|Sensory Pleasure

Joy sounds like The whirring of the ceiling fan When i feel myself slipping into a Delicious deliberate nap. Joy looks like a lot of things But today it is the gradient of the sky Shifting from powder to prussian with A white cresent in the middle. Joy tastes like The mango slice you had […]

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Day 8| Anonymous

zipped lips and a piercing smirk are those bougainvilles in the background? have you ever wanted to meet a picture? reader, my friend, tell me! are you the type to be bewitched by lyrical prose kind punctuation and everything-you-like-in-a-conversation have you ever written about a person who reminds you of songs and is so boldly […]

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Day 7 | Autoplay

Stuck in reverse Memories evading Formulae erasing Everything I do goes awry Everything is not alright What is this curse This rut of an existence It is tempting to hate Yourself, everything beyond the fence. My voice is hoarse Gods- Hindu, Greek and Norse Are all playing a prank The inside of my cranium is […]

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Day 3 |An Ode To Potato Chips

An ode to potato chipsShould not be written on an empty stomachBut my muse is too powerful, calling me I eat you I can’t believe my luck. 3 millennia of human progressPeople dying for science and shitCulminating into me at 1pmSnorting red lays, it’s lit. The figure of your crispy holinessCan send lovers into ecstasyThe […]

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Day 2| Go to sleep

Sleep, don’t stay up. Rest, because the afternoon is coming. On days when you will feel Nothing is stable The fabric of reality as you know it is silk, And it’s slipping from your hands, Sit in a sunny room. Close all the tabs. Listen to the birds chirping Imagine how the cat you’ve heard […]

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Day-1| Note to self

Okay, this poem has to be the best. You see, the first and the last ones have to be better than the rest. Well, not really, all of them have to be perfect. Otherwise it’s just a sign of neglect. If you can’t iterate it profoundly, How do you sleep soundly? No, every syllable has […]

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Music and Memories

Okay, i admit defeat. I’ll bite, what even is music? I say a few rhyming words a little slowly and in a higher pitch and the next thing you know I win a Grammy? Who was the first cavehuman to think “Hey those birds sure do sound funky. Let me try to imitate. This is […]

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I leave my body to stare at it in class, from afarThe hardest place to be is right where you are.The hands on my wrist go from obtuse to right,The sandclocks in this room grow light.Just ten more minutes, then home.In my bed, I’m sitting facing my friend via my phone.Can never wait for the […]

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There Is A Party In My Notebook And Everyone Is High On The New Notebook Smell.

New notebooks are terryfyingThey look at you, poker facedI flip through the blank pagesAnd suddenly my fingers forget how to spell New notebooks are mean“What are you going to do?What will you do to change the world?Are your first words seriously going to be “new notebooks”? “ New notebooks are hopefulMaybe I will complete all […]

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