My First Post

Here, another thing off my bucket list.

This is my first post, first time ever, and I want it to be special (I know I will cringe at this line years later.) As I am running short of puns and funny one-liners, I think it’s better to start with a simple introduction.

Hello, any fortunate soul who has been blessed and mistakenly ended here, on my blog. I am happy to have you here and hope you will bear with me, because I’m just a novice. 

And no, I would not tell my name, but will share my deepest darkest secrets with you.

Oh, I am so loyal to my username! 

Speaking (or writing) of loyalty, I’m a hufflepuff. And all those people who didn’t understand that, I’m very disappointed in you. 

Aaaaaannyway, I love to read and sing (can’t) and am pretty decent at art. I like to think of myself as a good student and a good speaker( I speak a LOT.) 

And of course, I like writing.

So, ending on a cliché note, come along, laugh at me, enjoy, pity me, whatever, at my journey. After all, I’m just an extroverted girl, who has 50 friends, but not a single confidant.

You will be one, won’t you?


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