Fighting for Common Sense

“U r a feminist? U h8 men!”

I don’t know why I even open social media these days.

I sigh. Options- Settings – Block.

This is futile, there are other ways.

I don’t know what I should do anymore.

I’m tired of fighting for common sense. 

But I can’t stop, this is all I stand for.

When the backbone is gone, how do you proceed hence?


3 thoughts on “Fighting for Common Sense

    1. I know that, I do sir. I would say I don’t belong in this category, but this has been a term used to get me down by a lot of people. Therefore I very intentionally included ‘feminazi’ so that any person who looked it up trying to get some material to hate women who speak, they would find this, me describing what their hatr has resulted in.
      Otherwise, no worries here. And I would again repeat I an not a person who would use the pure message of feminism to get free passes.

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