I know, it was very bad of me. I know I should have been regular. I know I am not a good blog-runner. Accha baba sorry na.

(I don’t know if you noticed but I figured out how to put in a picture! *pats self on the back*)

I was on a social media hiatus because of a few things called school, homework, tuitions and exams (I know exams are important but I’m going to cry anyway.) BOARD EXAMINATIONS PEOPLE (CBSE sucks)

But now, the sweet release of summer vacations has been bestowed upon me. I have been blessed with a lot of time, to post. Mind you, school hasn’t stopped me from writing, just exhausted me enough to cry at the idea of typing and beg for death (no exaggeration there).

Also, there is this problem, of what to post. I have so much material, I am not sure which one should go. Now I can easily post my poems from 3 years ago, but the problem with that is that 3 years ago I was 12; and any poem written at the age of 12 is so emo, it would make Gerard Way run for his money. So, not an option.

Okay, at this point I realised I am just rambling, and any of my 3 followers who didn’t remember following this blog and are very confused about WHO THE HECK IS THIS are getting bored and are probably going to unfollow. I will summarise this whole for you: I am sorry, I am also not dead, and I am going to post now, and please don’t unfollow me I need that number to boost my ego.

Thanks, I’ll just go now and read while being stressed about the tonnes of holiday homework I have to complete in only one month of holidays while also being expected to have a wonderful social life and go on exotic trips. (While in reality I will wake up at 11 and read all day and eat icecream and post pictures from 2 years ago and panic in the last week and pull all nighters to complete my work)

Buh bye!


4 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Amazingly superb👌🏾👌🏾
    I really wanna see some of your precious collections of poems online….
    wanna see you touching the sky height

    Liked by 1 person

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