Poetry is an excuse

When you are too lazy to use punctuation

Too lazy to tame your words

When you really don’t care

When you care too much

When the heart runs quicker than the brain

When you too deeply love the muse

Poetry is a poetic excuse.

Poetry is how my thoughts look like

Incoherent, scary

Half sentences, cut by the next

Things I wish I could say on a mic.

Science says experiences are not the same

Your red is different from mine

This line maybe something to fill space

To you, your saviour from shame.

Poetry is a lot like God
Meaning different things to different people

You’re never really sure

You can only guess

Untill you germinate from the pod. 

Poetry is not easy

Nothing beautiful ever is

You will feel things you didn’t know you ever could 

You will, on a scorching day, feel breezy. 

Poetry conveys in unexpected ways, all the time

Even where it’s not written

For example: look at me! 

Trying to write in modern style

Breaking the 4th wall, being bold

But always ending with a rhyme. 


13 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Yes poetry is all of that. Reminds me of reading and writing poetry in school. So much punctuation, but it’s really not all that necessary in real life. Write how you feel. Translate as you wish. Different meanings to different people, and that’s ok #keepwriting


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