So I was cleaning up yesterday. And rummaging through my drawer I found 2 pages, stapled and all. Then I read a line, and was hit by the tsunami of memories. It was a diary entry, and I felt like sharing with the world, something I never told anybody. I’d say enjoy, but I doubt […]

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2017, that’s a wrap.

I don’t know what to say about this year. Maybe it’s one of those years which can’t be summed up in a funny one-liner. I don’t know if 2017 was better than 2016, or we are just too numb to everything by now. I remember thinking Trump winning was the worst thing that can happen […]

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In A Bus

Here’s a lil background before you begin: I wrote this poem in winters, two years ago. I was thirteen. And I know this is not one of best poems, but for some reason, I really like this one. I hope you do too. I am sitting in a bus On my way to school There […]

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Heya Peeperenoez!

I’m still alive! (Only in the most literal meaning of the word) But I guess (at least hope so) that a few of you must must have noticed my absence. I mean, it’s been quite a few months, or as I like to call it”absolute-shit-storm-please-kill-me”. Huh, but really, I couldn’t write for sooo long. And […]

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Sometimes I cringe at my work Like Nobody gives a shit Tanu. That squirrel does not care about your homework The sun does not care how anxious are you. Maybe I think I think too much I make a mountain out of a grain But trust me When you are in that situation All you […]

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Mind Dump

“Yeh kya hai*. Didi, come join us, we are playing dumb charades. Don’t be a bore.” I am sitting inside my school bus as I’m writing this, and I’m thinking. Maybe the positioning of planets is to blame, maybe the rains are to blame, maybe the fact that I finally had 4+ hours of sleep […]

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Why I blog.

Don’t worry, I don’t normally look like a racoon. This picture is of me during an MUN (Model United Nations) in school. After an exhaustingly fun day of shouting, running errands, marking sheets, giving speeches, sHOUTING and leading a pretend committee, my feeble attempts at eyeliner remind me why I never put on make up […]

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